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Headboard Mounting Instructions

  1. Locate wall studs in the area you wish to hang the headboard.  Each stud should be 16” apart

  2. Determine the height that you want the top of the headboard to be.

  3. Attach the wood cleat to the wall using the screws provided.  Using a cordless driver works best.  The top edge of the cleat should be 8” lower than you want the top of the headboard to be.  A level should be used.  Be sure the widest part of the cleat faces out so the angle faces the wall.

  4. Be sure that all 4 screws go all the way into a wall stud.  Or use the hollow wall anchors provided to you.

  5. Simply hang the headboard onto the wall cleat.



Cordless driver w/ Philips bit


Tape measure 

A= this cleat is already attached to the back of the headboard
B= this is the cleat that you need to attach to the wall

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